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Recurso 5-8-1
como crear abundancia con tu mision de vida

Course: How to Create Abundance with Your Life Mission

Manifest abundance from your spiritual wealth. Align with your life mission and save years of trial and error. Discover more about your gifts. Learn about the different stages of your life mission. Start making money aligned with your talents and life mission. Have more time to take care of yourself.

abundancia supernova

Course: Supernova Abundance

Heal and free your mind from scarcity thoughts. Gain greater clarity and make better decisions. Allow the answers you seek to come to you. Connect with true abundance on a new level. Discover your emotional and vibrational scale.


Course: Your Energy is Your Best Resume

Learn about your personal energy and how to maximize it. Understand different energetic personality types. Discover your Energetic Archetype. Learn to successfully interact with all kinds of people. Enjoy an engaging and entertaining exploration of your strengths and shadows, and understand why you attract certain people and situations.


Course: Supernova Couple

Learn how to have a healthy and loving relationship and build a successful partnership together. Discover how to determine if your partner is right for you or if it's just your perceptions. Understand if separation or divorce is the best option. Learn techniques to improve communication with your partner.

"Archangels Series" Courses

Live incredibly with the help of your angels.

21 dias de paz con tus angeles

Program: 21 Days of Peace with Your Angels

Receive guidance from your Angels for 21 days and study the main Archangels and their meanings. Learn how to better connect with the spiritual world and raise your vibrational frequency. Each day offers a new lesson. Participate from the comfort of your home and choose to pay in 3, 6, or 9 months.

como contactar a tus angeles

Course: How to Contact Your Angels

Learn to connect with your Angels through powerful meditations. Discover the name of your Guardian Angel and identify which Archangels accompany you. Overcome self-imposed barriers to hearing your angels and understand the meaning and value of perfect love.

aprender a bien morir para bien vivir

Course: Learn to Die Well to Live Well

Overcome your fear of "death" and process emotions of loneliness from losing a loved one. Learn how to support someone you love during their illness and accompany them through their transition. Work on detachment with the help of Archangel Azrael and understand how to live through an anticipated death.

"Practical Spirituality" Courses

Grow your energy, heal, and meditate by putting Spiritual Response Therapy into practice.

Tu poder creador, salud y abundancia

Course 1: Your Creative Power, Health, and Abundance

Learn about your energetic anatomy and techniques to effectively realize any project. Discover practical energetic tools to use alone or with your family. Manifest consciously what you are and what you deserve. Train your mind and cut ties with scarcity.

Inteligencia emocional, tu sombra y el arte de soltar

Course 2: Emotional Intelligence, Your Shadow, and the Art of Letting Go

Learn about the seven types of intelligence and apply them to your life mission map. Build stronger relationships in all areas. Identify the types of people you attract and understand your submissive-abusive personality traits. Discover what you may be blind to about yourself that others see. Heal and balance this area with a beautiful meditation.

Ego, autoestima  y poder personal

Course 3: Ego, Self-Esteem, and Personal Power

Reclaim your inner strength, train your mind, and boost your self-esteem. Discover your own ego traps. Free yourself from fears with personal exercises and identify the people you attract that sabotage you. Uncover your energetic archetype. Meditate with the guidance of your angels.

Sanación, pareja y matrimonio

Course 4: Healing, Couple, and Marriage

Dive into the world of human relationships and partnerships. Understand the ideas, wounds, and impressions that shape how you relate. Delve into your unconscious blocks and repeating patterns. Learn to make peace with yourself and redefine the true meaning of marriage.

Impecabilidad, comunicación y contratos del alma

Course 5: Impeccability, Communication, and Soul Contracts

Learn why you chose your ancestors and understand the world of vibrations to harmonize with yourself. Engage in personal exercises to improve self-expression and discover your typical communication mistakes.

Intuición, visión y habilidades psíquicas

Course 6: Intuition, Vision, and Psychic Abilities

Learn to use your intuition more effectively and distinguish it from the voice of the ego. Align your vision with your life mission. Develop skills to read others' energy and improve self-communication. Participate in practical exercises to enhance your sixth sense.

Dios, muerte y conciencia

Course 7: God, Death, and Consciousness

Transcend beyond beliefs about death and connect with divinity with the help of angels. Learn about your seventh chakra to improve understanding and transcendence. I will guide you through a deep life review meditation.

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